dvm (15)Peeps and Creeps was started by Dr. Jessica Todia, of the A to Z Veterinary Clinic. A very loving and caring doctor,, she recognized a need for a place where sick and sometimes unwanted exotic animals could have a second chance at life. So with the help of a few other caring individuals Peeps & Creeps was started.

Peeps & Creeps is home to many different kinds of exotic animals, each with their own unique and sometimes sad story. Our most famous inhabitant is Paco the Vervet Monkey, but Peeps & Creeps is home to many more unique creatures. Along with Paco there is Jasmine and Mr. Mundi the two coatimundi, quite a few giant tortoises, a zebra, Troubles the bobcat, and of course Tiny the dwarf caiman. We also have an Aviary filled with over 70 different exotic birds, all rescues. Peeps & Creeps is also a Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. Animals such as hurt or juvenile hawks, owls, squirrels and other native wildlife are treated, then rehabilitated to be released back into the wild.